Please use the following form for the service and repairs. In order to improve the legibility of the form please complete on your computer before printing it.

YGE - Serviceform PDF


Otto-Hahn-Straße 1a
49134 Wallenhorst

Our telephone service can be reached at the service times: Tuesday & Thursday 01:30 to 04:30 pm -
Tel. +495407 8034701



  • software motor direction reverse (Latest PC-Software required)
  • Vbar control integration improved. Added features like current limit, motor reverse, softstart settings, F3C-Auro, Timing behaviour, keepmAh. Now adjustable in your Vbar Control radio. No apply or restart needed.
  • fixed a problem with the vbar Governor, with too fast spoolup when using higher input frequency.
  • Prop positioning with Hallsensor for all ESCs (excl. 35LVT and Optos). Speed, Power and time adjustable. Latest PC-Software required. optional Sensor Kit required (coming soon).
  • Fixed too loud beeps with higher cell counts.
  • Improved configuration in Jeti and Graupner transmitters. Features like motor reverse added. No apply or restart required.
  • preset softstart for sclae helicopters (30sec.)
  • JR DMSS telemetry integration. works directly without an adapter
  • ringtones improved for smoother sound and better audibility with inrunners
  • F3A brake improved
  • Autotiming adjustable in steps
  • Bugfix: Telemetry works now fine with Jeti 24-channel multimode
  • Vbar control: scary overcurrent warning doesn’t appear anymore in flight
  • active freewheel in plane modes improved. No more blend-stuttering with inrunners
  • New F3C-Bailout function with completely stopped motor (required for F3C competition). can be enabled in the PC-Software (>V0.997 required)
  • Added new ESC types: YGE Saphir 125 & YGE Opto 135
  • Mode 1 – Vbar governor: Active freewheel improved
  • Fixed an issue, that the RPM was not correct in the Multiplex telemetry because the motor poles were not considered in the RPM calculation.
  • Current limit can be increased to 200A for the 135LVT now (Latest PC-Software V0.980 required!).
  • Added new ESC types, such as YGE Saphir 155.
  • active freewheel improved
  • Autotiming improved
  • Switching between RPMs in Governor-mode now softer
  • current limit for 95LVT now 150A (Max. 160A)
  • current limit for 135LVT now 170A (Max. 180A)
  • Graupner HoTT telemetry: current-, voltage- and temperature alarms now don’t repeat if the value isn’t critical anymore
  • Jeti ExBus telemetry: In some cases telemetry values could freeze by using assist-receivers. This is fixed now.
  • Now it is possible to change the adresses or disable telemetry-values with Multiplex-telemetry
  • capacity-resolution: now 1mAh steps (Graupner still 10mAh steps)
  • Now it is possible to set alarms for capacity, current and voltage in the PC-software for Multiplex and Graupner telemetry

Caution! For some functions it is necessary to use the latest PC-software. We recommend to download the latest PC-software from

  • improved overvoltage-protection for HVT-ESCs
  • Bugfix for the Graupner programming mode
  • maximum current will be reduced by 25% when temperature reaches over 80°C
  • current-limit can be set higher for all types
  • introducing the 165HVT and 205HVT
  • Autodetect with Mikado Vbar-Control and Vbar NEO (No Mode-Programming or PC-Setup necessary) 
  • Graupner-parametrisation will be disabled after first Motor-run
  • “Fly-Again”-option added (capacity will be saved until new (full) battery is connected)
  • fixed normal-startup in Helimode (35LVT)
  • autotiming improved
  • reduced reserved-values in Jeti-ExBus telemetry
  • introducing parametrisation in the Jeti-transmitter via JetiBox-menu
  • fixed communication-problem between Vbar-Control and HVT-ESC
  • 35LVT: startup-problem with small motors fixed
  • improved Sinus-startup
  • bugfixes
  • parametrisation in the Graupner-transmitter possible
  • parametrisation in the Vbar-Control possible
  • Startup improved
  • Bugfixes


  • small bugfixes
  • small bugfixes
  • small bugfixes
  • Adaptions for the new ESC firmware release V1.03530
  • Added motor direction reverse (ESC-firmware >V1.03495 needed)
  • Preparation for future 12V-BEC ESCs
  • Parameters for Prop-positioning added (ESC-firmware >V1.03515 needed)
  • Official portal entrance button in the update section
  • Small bugfixes
  • JR DMSS telemetry added
  • small bugfixes
  • new ESC types added
  • Autotiming adjustable in steps
  • F3C-Bailout function added
  • Now the latest firmware-version is shown
  • Now with wizard Installer. Driver will be integrated automatically
  • Changed some terms for better understanding
  • Added new ESC types: Opto 255 (Navy)
  • Autotiming can now be tuned in different steps
  • new ESC types added (Saphir 125, Opto 135)
  • changed presets for mode 1 (ext. governor)
  • completely overhauled user interface
  • config and update combined in one program
  • simplified update-process with request button. Update will be downloaded automatically from our Server after approval
  • new ESC-types added
  • Bugfix for selecting the PowerBoxSystems telemetry
  • Now it is possible to change the adresses or disable telemetry-values with Multiplex-telemetry
  • added new ESC-types
  • added button for calibrating the current-offset in “logs and alarms”
  • adjustable alarms for current, voltage and capacity for Graupner and Multiplex telemetry (ESC-firmware >V1.03294 necessary)
  • added 2s and 3s as fixed cellcount
  • software now in german and english
  • added “Fly-Again” option (capacity will be saved until new (full) battery is connected
  • improved BEC-settings
  • improved current-limit
  • improved settings for startup with small motors
  • improved gear ratio settings
  • improved default values for 35LVT and 65LVT
  • improved brake-settings
  • added the option “HV-Lipos”

Update requests

for update-requests, please go to the tab “App Update” in the PC-Software and click “Update request via mail“. A ready-made mail opens, which you can just send. After we approved your update, it will be automatically provided on our server. Please connect the ESC again. The PC-Software loads the update from our Server. Please click “start update“.

How to update your YGE-ESC:

Please note, that it is necessary for us to approve every update request. This is part of our complex copy protection, to prevent future pirate copies. Thank you for your understanding!