Please use the following form for the service and repairs. In order to improve the legibility of the form please complete on your computer before printing it.

YGE - Serviceform PDF


Otto-Hahn-Straße 1a
49134 Wallenhorst

Our telephone service can be reached at the service times: Tues, Wed, and Thu. 14: 00 to 16:00 pm - Tel. 05407-8034701


Here you find a list with all the ESC-firmwares and software-versions with the changes. For an ESC-update, please use the contact-button below and give us the serial-number of your speedcontroller. We will send you the latest update-file.


  • active freewheel improved
  • Autotiming improved
  • Switching between RPMs in Governor-mode now softer
  • current limit for 95LVT now 150A (Max. 160A)
  • current limit for 135LVT now 170A (Max. 180A)
  • Graupner HoTT telemetry: current-, voltage- and temperature alarms now don’t repeat if the value isn’t critical anymore
  • Jeti ExBus telemetry: In some cases telemetry values could freeze by using assist-receivers. This is fixed now.
  • Now it is possible to change the adresses or disable telemetry-values with Multiplex-telemetry
  • capacity-resolution: now 1mAh steps (Graupner still 10mAh steps)
  • Now it is possible to set alarms for capacity, current and voltage in the PC-software for Multiplex and Graupner telemetry

Caution! For some functions it is necessary to use the latest PC-software. We recommend to download the latest PC-software from

  • improved overvoltage-protection for HVT-ESCs
  • Bugfix for the Graupner programming mode
  • maximum current will be reduced by 25% when temperature reaches over 80°C
  • current-limit can be set higher for all types
  • introducing the 165HVT and 205HVT
  • Autodetect with Mikado Vbar-Control and Vbar NEO (No Mode-Programming or PC-Setup necessary) 
  • Graupner-parametrisation will be disabled after first Motor-run
  • “Fly-Again”-option added (capacity will be saved until new (full) battery is connected)
  • fixed normal-startup in Helimode (35LVT)
  • autotiming improved
  • reduced reserved-values in Jeti-ExBus telemetry
  • introducing parametrisation in the Jeti-transmitter via JetiBox-menu
  • fixed communication-problem between Vbar-Control and HVT-ESC
  • 35LVT: startup-problem with small motors fixed
  • improved Sinus-startup
  • bugfixes
  • parametrisation in the Graupner-transmitter possible
  • parametrisation in the Vbar-Control possible
  • Startup improved
  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfix for selecting the PowerBoxSystems telemetry
  • Now it is possible to change the adresses or disable telemetry-values with Multiplex-telemetry
  • added new ESC-types
  • added button for calibrating the current-offset in “logs and alarms”
  • adjustable alarms for current, voltage and capacity for Graupner and Multiplex telemetry (ESC-firmware >V1.03294 necessary)
  • added 2s and 3s as fixed cellcount
  • software now in german and english
  • added “Fly-Again” option (capacity will be saved until new (full) battery is connected
  • improved BEC-settings
  • improved current-limit
  • improved settings for startup with small motors
  • improved gear ratio settings
  • improved default values for 35LVT and 65LVT
  • improved brake-settings
  • added the option “HV-Lipos”