Dear customers,

as you’ve probably noticed, we had an error in our last ESC Firmware with the autotiming.
For that reason, we stopped our update Server and recommended to use fixed Timing for now, for all ESCs with Firmware >V1.03490.

We fixed the error now and there is a new V1.03532, or a V1.03565 (For all Saphir/Aureus V2) available.
The update Server is now online again.
We highly recommend to update all your ESCs to the latest firmware. Ofcourse, the autotiming works fine as usual again and we recommend to use it.

We apologize for the trouble in the last 2 weeks.

Your YGE Team.

New: YGE Aureus 135 Version 2!

                  • New aluminium case with blue edges and optimized cooling
                  • UHV-BEC, adjustable from 5,5V to 12,0V
                  • New MOS-FETs with higher peak current ability
                  • Amp limiter adjustable up to 230A

YGE Aureus 135 Black Edition!

Some more news! The Aureus 135 will be available in a black edition soon. Technically it is exactly the same as the blue Aureus 135, the price is the same, too. Only the case is black!


YGE Aureus 105!

We extend our lineup with a new smaller HV-ESC, the Aureus 105.
It is suitable for 550-600 size helicopters with 12s Lipo, and planes with 10-12s setups. The Aureus 105 has full telemetry compatibility with almost all systems on the market, an adjustable high power BEC and our popular current-limiter, whereby the ESC won’t shutdown, it just limits the current. Available end of March.


Technical specifications:

  • 105A continuous / 170A burst
  • 6 to 12s LiPo
  • BEC: 10A continuous / 25A burst
  • integrated antispark
  • weight without/with cables: 80/124g
  • dimensions: 80,5 x 34,5 x 19,5mm
  • cable diameter: battery/motor: 4²/4²

New ESC firmware V1.03460!

New features:

  • F3A brake improved
  • Autotiming adjustable in steps (efficiency orientated / power orientated)
  • Bugfix: Telemetry works now fine with Jeti 24-channel multimode
  • Vbar control: scary overcurrent warning doesn’t appear anymore in flight
  • active freewheel in plane modes improved. No more blend-stuttering with inrunners
  • New F3C-Bailout function with completely stopped motor (required for F3C competition). can be enabled in the PC-Software (>V0.997 required)

New YGE Config Software V0.997!

New features:

  • new ESC types added
  • Autotiming adjustable in steps
  • F3C-Bailout function added
  • Now the latest firmware-version is visible

YGE Opto 255 and Opto 255 Navy!

For special high current applications like big gliders with impeller, jets, big planes, boats, speedhelis and industry we developed the YGE Opto 255. 255A continuous and 400A burst are no problem for this ESC. It has integrated antispark and full telemetry integration like all latest YGE speedcontrollers. A highlight is, that the telemetry- and RPM-Signal are isolated with optocouplers, too, for best safety and noise immunity. Next to the typical RC interfaces many industrial interfaces like for example CAN-Bus can be implemented. Ofcourse the Opto 255 has the innovative RCT cooling design and the intelligent current-measuring and current limit, which provides a cool and safe operation without any hard cutoffs. The Navy version has a special watercooling case and bigger capacitors.

  • 255A continuous / 400A peak
  • 6 to 16S LiPo
  • signals isolated by optocouplers for best noise immunity
  • integrated antispark
  • dimensions: 105 x 54 x 32mm (Navy: 119 x 54 x 31mm)
  • weight with all cables: 343g (Navy: 365g)
  • cable diameter battery/motor: 8² / 8²
  • temperature-driven 12V-fan included
  • Different interfaces for individual signal processing

YGE 205 HVT Black Edition!

for 2021 we have something special…

YGE 205HVT limited Black Edition now available  🖤
all technical specifications stay the same:
  • 205A continuous / 270A peak
  • 6 to 14S LiPo
  • BEC: 12A continuous / 30A peak
  • Weight without/with cables: 219g/287g
  • Dimensions: 84 x 54,5 x 33mm
  • cable diameter battery/motor: 6²/6²

New ESC types: YGE Saphir 125 & Opto 135!


Saphir 125:

  • Now with new RCT-cooling
  • Same technical specs as the big brother, Saphir 155
  • 4-8s Lipo
  • Adjustable Power BEC with 10A continuous and 25A Peak
  • BEC current is now measured and shown in the telemetry
  • Capacitor temperature is now measured and shown in the telemetry
  • Current limit adjustable up to 200A, perfect for high peaks in helicopters
  • thin and flatdesign to fit into small plane and glider fuselages
  • capacitors are almost completely enclosed by the case to be more resistant
  • True 125A continuous!
  • 4,5mm thinner and 6mm flatter than the 135LVT!
  • dimensions with capacitors: 76,5×34,5×19,5mm
  • weight with cables: 124g

Opto 135:

  • HV-ESC (up to 12s) with optocoupler, without BEC
  • Now with new RCT-cooling
  • three-piece case design like the YGE Aureus 135
  • versatile connectors allow many different interfaces for special- or industrial-applications such as CAN, potentiometer control or Prop-positioning (on demand)
  • dimensions with capacitors: 82×43,5x26mm
  • weight with cables: 155g

Both ESCs are available soon.

Ofcourse, the 135LVT and 120HVT will still be supported with updates and service in future.


YGE Aureus 135

– 6-12s LiPo
– BEC 10A continuous, 25A Peak
– pluggable receiver-, and telemetry-cables
– 32-Bit Processor
– new RCT-cooling system for lower temperatures and smaller dimensions
– super slow startup for scale-helicopters possible (up to 60 sec.)
– high precise current measuring and
adjustable current-limit