YGE 205 HVT Black Edition!

for 2021 we have something special…



YGE 205HVT limited Black Edition now available  🖤
all technical specifications stay the same:
  • 205A continuous / 270A peak
  • 6 to 14S LiPo
  • BEC: 12A continuous / 30A peak
  • Weight without/with cables: 219g/287g
  • Dimensions: 84 x 54,5 x 33mm
  • cable diameter battery/motor: 6²/6²

Price: 519,-€

New ESC types: YGE Saphir 125 & Opto 135!


Saphir 125:

  • Now with new RCT-cooling
  • Same technical specs as the big brother, Saphir 155
  • 4-8s Lipo
  • Adjustable Power BEC with 10A continuous and 25A Peak
  • BEC current is now measured and shown in the telemetry
  • Capacitor temperature is now measured and shown in the telemetry
  • Current limit adjustable up to 200A, perfect for high peaks in helicopters
  • thin and flatdesign to fit into small plane and glider fuselages
  • capacitors are almost completely enclosed by the case to be more resistant
  • True 125A continuous!
  • 4,5mm thinner and 6mm flatter than the 135LVT!
  • dimensions with capacitors: 76,5×34,5×19,5mm
  • weight with cables: 124g

Opto 135:

  • HV-ESC (up to 12s) with optocoupler, without BEC
  • Now with new RCT-cooling
  • three-piece case design like the YGE Aureus 135
  • versatile connectors allow many different interfaces for special- or industrial-applications such as CAN, potentiometer control or Prop-positioning (on demand)
  • dimensions with capacitors: 82×43,5x26mm
  • weight with cables: 155g

Both ESCs are available soon.

Ofcourse, the 135LVT and 120HVT will still be supported with updates and service in future.

New Firmware V1.03410!

  • Fixed an issue, that the RPM was not correct in the Multiplex telemetry because the motor poles were not considered in the RPM calculation.
  • Current limit can be increased to 200A for the 135LVT now (Latest PC-Software V0.980 required!).
  • Added new ESC types, such as YGE Saphir 155.

The first batch of Saphir 155 was delivered with V1.03410 already.


YGE 205 HVT - V2

New Features:

  • improved case-design with optimized cooling
  • 1,5mm narrower
  • The mounting holes are now compatible to common helicopters (distance between holes 43mm)
  • dimensions: 84 x 54,5 x 33mm
  • weight with cables: 287g
  • price: 499,-€ (incl. fan)


YGE Aureus 135

– 6-12s LiPo
– BEC 10A continuous, 25A Peak
– pluggable receiver-, and telemetry-cables
– 32-Bit Processor
– new RCT-cooling system for lower temperatures and smaller dimensions
– super slow startup for scale-helicopters possible (up to 60 sec.)
– high precise current measuring and
adjustable current-limit