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From now on, all our controllers have the new "mode-programming".

The parameters which you previously had to program seperately with the ProgCard  will be set automatically to ideal standard-values and the throttle-endpoints will be set properly for your transmitter.

It is faster, easier and safer!

You can choose among 5 different modes:

Mode 1

Vbar/external Governor (Heli)

Mode 2

Governor (Heli)

Mode 3

Governor Store (Heli)

Mode 4

Motor plane with brake (Glider)

Mode 5

Motor plane without brake

We recommend to complete the mode-setup first.

The pre-set parameters usually fit all current standard setups.

If you have a special motor (inrunner for example), you can use the ProgCard afterwards to change the timing.

The following ESC's already have the mode-programming:

YGE 18 & 30 (since mid 16)

YGE 40 & 60 (since V5)

YGE 90LV, 120LV &120LVK (since V2)

YGE 60HV (Software 52,54)

YGE 90HV (Software 52,54)

YGE 120HV, 160HV, 200HV (since V5 --> S52,54)

If you are not sure whether your speed-controller has the new mode-programming,

take a look at the attached manual. There you will find the section "mode-programming".